Amanita Muscaria Spagyric Triple Extract


These Spagyrics take 8-10 weeks to finish, so the will be limited in quantity and availability.

Amanita Muscaria Spagyric Triple Extract, 1:10 ratio 100mg/ml in 30% organic ethanol and spring water harvested on the New Moon.

Made over the course of 8 weeks, through two lunar cycles, harvested on the full moon.
This is an Alchemical preparation known as a Spagyric.
Venus corresponds with Amanita Muscaria and is aligned with Friday.
We align our medicine making with the essence of their energetic and planetary correspondence.
Setting the space, clearing energy, of home and self is where we begin. Then we set intentions and thank Creator for all of this medicine and the opportunity to make it.
The Spagyric process is a slow art, and we also add in the Lunation Cycle. We make these around the New Moon, and let them sit in darkness for two lunation cycles and harvest them around the Full Moon.
So for 8 weeks they are infusing and becoming macerated in the womb of darkness. Then they will be worked with on their corresponding day, separating marc and menstruum, and finally the marc incinerated, calcined, and purified to reveal the minerals previously trapped in the body..
This is Alchemy, transformation, separation and cohobation…
Just as we enter our Spiritual Path, so does the medicine during a Spagyric process.
Separate, purify, and recombine for the Highest Vibrational offering.
Amanita Muscaria is a mysterious and powerful mushroom, filling legends and lores, myths and mysteries.. This is “not for human consumption” according to the FDA.
This Spagyric is not produced with any heat or pH change, so it is not fully decarbed.
**This should not be put into your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, or anus or any other orifice for any reason. This is for spiritual, and educational purposes only.**


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Also look up Kevin Feeney, author of The Fly Agaric Compendium, or send me a direct message at   I can’t answer a whole lot due to the FDA label of this mushroom, referring to the above resources is very helpful.  There is a lot of useful information coming out about this mushroom. ***Shipping: I will not ship this product to Louisiana, Australia, The Netherlands, Romania, or Thailand. **** **Keep away from pets and children, store in a cool dark place, long term storage in a fridge or freezer**

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