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Upon purchasing the consultation, sign up in the calendly app below. Send an email to if you are having any issues.

About the owner, Michael:

I am offering consultations with a range of subjects including: wild mushroom ID, medicinal mushroom preparation/general information, psychedelic integration/general information, business/life/wellness coaching, and permaculture/garden design.

Some of my experience:
-I have been foraging wild mushrooms and making medicines from them since 2016.
-I have been practicing energy work since 2010 and am a certified reiki level 1 practitioner as of 2020.
-I have been studying spirituality and religion since 2002.
-I have been exploring the use of psychedelics since 2008.
-I have been studying Yoga since 2010, and I am a certified yoga teacher RYT-200hr.
– I have been practicing meditation since 2012

– I have been studying health and wellness for over a decade.
– I am a certified Permaculture Designer, and I have been farming/landscaping since I was 2010.
– I have been running my business independently since 2016, and solely since 2021.


I am a life long learner and will always continue. If there is a question I can’t answer, I’ll write it down and get back to you!

I have spent a lot of time offering my knowledge/expertise for free and this is a way to honor myself. I would also say that when someone comes to me in this platform they get more out of it because they’re putting more value into it!

I’m still happy to answer small questions here and there, and when people ask me about my products, that is all a part of great customer service I try to offer. For those of you want to go deeper into a particular subject, this is a great option for you 🙂

Book a consultation now and we’ll set up an appointment that works for both of us!
Be well, and prepare you questions in advance to get the most value from our appointment.

Cancelations can be made before 24 hours of the appointment, there will be a 50% charge for any cancellations made within 24 hours of our appointment.

Disclaimer: I am not able to treat, diagnose, or offer “cures” to any diseases or ailments.  Refer to your doctor for MEDICAL ADVISE.




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