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(Wild local reishi and chaga, locally grown Lions Mane, locally grown Cordyceps Militaris) The Evolve blend is wild reishi, wild chaga, locally cultivated lions mane, and locally cultivated Cordyceps. I made the Evolve blend as an aid for days when optimal performance is required. Chaga, and lions help with mental sharpness and acuity. Reishi helps relax and focus and maintain a zen state when accompanied with other mindfulness practices. Cordyceps improves oxygen ultilization, perfect for a work out, going to work or just breathing easier.  Cordyceps improves circulation, energy, and libido, and Qi.   All four of these mushrooms will help you tackle the day and perform your best, mind and body aligned with Spirit. They also include the classic properties of immune support, anti viral, anti fungal, anti tumor, and anti bacterial aid.

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1 review for Evolve Blend

  1. Corey (verified owner)

    I have a good deal of experience taking functional mushroom supplements for enhanced performance, health, and energy. The blend in this tincture is the most powerful I’ve ever felt when it comes to increasing my energy, endurance, and focus. On the days I take it I find that my physical endurance skyrockets and I have a focused and consistent energy throughout the entire day. This stuff is like vitality in a bottle, I highly recommend it!

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