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Chill Blend Tincture

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(Wild local Reishi, 4th generation home grown Tulsi Holy Basil) Chill blend is wild reishi and homegrown, 4th generation tulsi basil (holy basil) from my farm. I made the Chill blend as a combo of two powerful adaptogens: Reishi and Tulsi. These allies are amazing for nerve support and dealing with stress. They both help regulate blood pressure as well. It is a nice blend for morning or night, as it will not make you drowsy or tired, it will help you go about your day in a less stressed, more calm and present way. I recommend this before bed time for people who have trouble sleeping at night.  I also recommend it for someone to take int the morning who is about to have a very stressful day. **This product may lower blood pressure.

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1 review for Chill Blend Tincture

  1. Charles Wilde (verified owner)

    Out of all the tinctures I’ve taken this one is probably my favorite. Guaranteed to be fresh and foraged by Harmony Acres I don’t feel like this product is negatively commercialized at all. It’s just a raw product you’d get if you tried to make it yourself at home, but in this case you don’t have to spend the time. Maybe someday I’d like to make my own but for now this product is the best option. I genuinely feel relaxed just knowing a dropper of it is in my body. As an added bonus, this one actually tastes pretty good; kinda like minty earthy basil. I’ve used this one and sent it to friends as gifts for about a year and I’d get another bottle when it runs out as I’ve done woth other tinctures such as the Evolve Blend. Looking forward to trying out more tinctures from Hamrony Acres as my body develops the space for that new plant relationship.

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