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Amanita Muscaria Pine Resin Salve




Great as a muscle rub, amanita and pine resin are both powerful anti-inflammatory agents.  Apply liberally to sore muscles, joints, and areas affected by nerve pain.

This was made with some very special ingredients.
We have made several batches and tweaked the recipe each time to fine tune the experience for our clients.  This salve provides a very rich and aromatic experience that is sure to please your achey temple.


The Amanita Muscaria Jojoba oil is first infused for 8 weeks through two lunar cycles.
We use this oil full strength when blending in to make the salve.
The pine resin for this specific batch is ethically harvested in the west coast of US.
We have added spruce resin ethically sourced in Canada.
We also add pure pine essential oil.


Amanita is not for human consumption, do not put in your mouth or any orifice on your body.

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