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Basic dosing guide

Protocol that is suited for ALL tinctures:
-sublingual (under the tongue) is best, if the alcohol is too irritating, then empty stomach with a glass of water is second best option.

Regimine options:
-5 days on 2 days off

-Every other day


-Once every three days

*It’s important to note that one can take the tincture more or less as desired and it’s always best to trust your body/intuition.
*Take breaks when needed! One will find amanita muscaria builds up in their system, and breaks come naturally.

For most all Harmony Acres tinctures:

Starting with 1-2ml is fine, and depending on your need/sickness/stress level, one can take up to 6ml once or three times a day.

For the All Things Amanita tinctures:

Amanita muscaria and the yellow fly agaric are comparable in potency, and the Amanita Pantherina is 3-5x stronger in muscimol than the other two.

Amanita muscaria 1:15 and Yellow Fly Agaric 1:15 starting with 5-10 drops for the first week and then moving up to 1ml or 2 ml per day is normal.
*This tincture is typically good for people starting out or who are very sensitive

For the Amanita Pantherina 1:15 starting with 1-5 drops for the first week and then moving up to 1ml or 2 ml per day is normal.

For the Amanita Muscaria 1:4 and Yellow Fly Agaric 1:4, and Amanita Pantherina 1:15 starting with 1-5 drops for the first week and then moving up to 1ml or 2 ml per day is normal.
* This tincture is the most popular and works with people who are sensitive (taking less) or who have an average sensitivity

For the Amanita Pantherina 1:4 starting with 1-5 drops for the first two weeks and then moving up to 1ml per day is normal.
* This is the strongest tincture we make and should be reserved for those who have serious needs and a high tolerance.

For the Amanita muscaria spagyric triple extract 1:10 starting with 1-5 drops for the first two weeks and then moving up to 1ml per day is normal.
* This is not a full decarb tincture, it contains ibotenic acid, somewhere between 30-50% and should be noted as this is not suited for those who are prone to seizure and have a general sensitivity.
For most people this is a great option for doing physical activity!

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More information on amanita muscaria products:


1:15 (Original micro) 3.75 grams per 2 oz bottle, or 66mg/ml.
1:4 (New micro) 15 grams per 2 oz bottle, or 250mg/ml

1:8 (Oil Infusions) 7.5 grams per 2 oz bottle, or 125mg/ml

1:10 (Spagyric) 6 grams per 2 oz bottle, or 100 mg/ml

3:1 Concentrate Resin


Amanita Muscaria Spagyric Triple Extract, 1:10 ratio 100mg/ml in 30% organic ethanol and spring water harvested on the New Moon.

Made over the course of 8 weeks, through two lunar cycles, harvested on the full moon. This is an Alchemical preparation known as a Spagyric.

 Venus corresponds with Amanita Muscaria and is aligned with Friday. We align our medicine making with the essence of their energetic and planetary correspondence. Setting the space, clearing energy, of home and self is where we begin. Then we set intentions and thank Creator for all of this medicine and the opportunity to make it.

The Spagyric process is a slow art, and we also add in the Lunation Cycle. We make these around the New Moon, and let them sit in darkness for two lunation cycles and harvest them around the Full Moon.

So for 8 weeks they are infusing and becoming macerated in the womb of darkness. Then they will be worked with on their corresponding day, separating marc and menstruum, and finally the marc incinerated, calcined, and purified to reveal the minerals previously trapped in the body..

This is Alchemy, transformation, separation and cohobation.

Oil Infusions:

The oil infusions of jojoba and olive oil with amanita mushrooms are great for sore muscles and joints, as well as the tinctures. The oils personally feel better on my skin and can be incorporated with massage oils very easily. The oil preference is up to you, I personally break out with olive oil, so I like jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is close to our skins natural sebum too.

*Olive oil is edible, jojoba oil has questionable edibility.

Amanita Pine Salve:

Great as a muscle rub, amanita and pine resin are both powerful anti-inflammatory agents.  Apply liberally to sore muscles, joints, and areas affected by nerve pain.

This was made with some very special ingredients.

The Amanita Muscaria Jojoba oil is first infused for 8 weeks through two lunar cycles.
We use this full strength when blending in to make the salve.
The pine resin is collected in a sustainable manner.

The beeswax used in this salve is from a local beekeeper.

Differences in varieties:
The main differences are the pantherina (brown) and muscaria (red). The pantherina is 3-5x more potent in muscimol, and is much more rare, and highly sought after. They have very similar compounds. The yellow(A. muscaria var. guessowii) to me, energetically, feels more clear. I have heard it has less muscizone and muscarine than the muscaria(red).  I can’t confirm this.  It is also a local variety picked by myself and two other foragers.

Amanita regalis is more potent than muscaria, but less potent than pantherina.

3:1 Concentrate Resin (Amanita muscaria & Blue Lotus)

This is a dual extract of blue lotus/Amanita muscaria with all the water/alcohol removed, so it is very concentrated.

Our highest strength tincture is 250mg/ml or the 1:4 ratio. A 2 oz bottle of that is equivalent to 4.4 grams of this concentrated resin extract.
1 ml of that tincture would be about a microdose for blue lotus, 1 ml of that tincture is equivalent to 73mg, or 0.073 grams of this resin.
You have received somewhere between 0.6 grams to 1 gram, which is 8-14 microdoses.

If you have a 0.00 (or even better a 0.000) scale that would be best for weighing out, if you don’t just eyeball the dose and divide your sample into 8 or more sections if you choose to microdose it.

A few of trial participants have tried a half pea sized amount and found it to be extremely effective, much more than a microdose. I would not advise driving a vehicle or working on more than 200 mg (0.2g) of this, you’ll probably be fine but it can be slightly sedative and you’ll have a much better time when you can fully relax. When you limit distractions you can tune in more to how the Blue lotus will be working with you.
This resin can be eaten, stirred into warm water for an instant tea, boofed (suppository), or potentially smoked or vaped.

Microdose ice cubes protocol:

Grind up your amanita mushroom caps to small chunks, not fine powder.

boil water, then bring to a simmer.

for a full decarb bring pH down to 3, measure the pH after you put the mushrooms in the water. boil at 100C for 150 minutes- 3 hours.

For a partial decarb, all that is needed to extract the active compounds is to simmer the mushrooms for 20 minutes at 100C.

60 grams= 60,000 mg… if your microdose is 100mg, then you have 600 microdoses. 100mg/ml so that is a 1:10 ratio (grams per ml) 600 ml is the total volume maybe start with 1 liter of water, so the mushrooms are fully submerged.. then do your mushroom soup, and afterwards you let it cool, and strain the mushrooms.

Check the volume, and if it is higher than 600 ml, you need to put it on the stove and reduce more water off with out the lid. If it is less than 600ml, then add enough water to bring it up to that volume.
Then measure out your desired microdoses into the molds. To achieve the correct ratio per microdose you need to measure out with a dropper/syringe to 1 ml.
You can change the ratio to less or more potent, just adjust the numbers and have your math straight ahead of time.

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This is not medical advise. I’m not a doctor.

Amanita muscaria products are “not for human consumption” according to the FDA.

This should not be put into your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, or anus or any other orifice for any reason. This is for spiritual, and educational purposes only.


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