About us


It all started It all started with an undying curiosity about a mythical mushroom.

All Things Amanita is a culmination of high quality sources of Amanita mushrooms. We source only clean, ethical, and energetically potent Amanita varieties from around the world.

We are upfront with our country of origin, procedures or processing, age and extraction methods. Just ask if you have questions.

Visit our sister site, Harmony Acres Farm

Due to the stigma around Amanita products, I needed to separate “All Things Amanita” from “Harmony Acres Farm” Harmony Acres Farm is my original business name, and it still has all the amazing mushroom and herbal products I’ve always had. Please check out the amazing blends I’ve created. These are all consumable, supplemental tinctures from locally sourced wild and cultivated herbs and mushrooms.